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By using Minecraft Education Edition, our teachers deliver knowledge in a way that students want, a way that makes them wanting to be in the class.

We deliver our classes/projects in Project Based Learning format following Next Generation Science Standard combined with Next Generation Learning Standards as developed by NYSED,

“The best learning is done through playing. That is true for kids and adults. By using Minecraft we create a play-learning environment, that is fun and is where our children want to be and want to learn.”

Vincent Petrescu

Using Minecraft to learn make friends teach have fun keep safe from anywhere


Crafting Houses using Area and Perimeter with Miranda Murr

Design a model of a house in Minecraft and find the area and perimeter using Minecraft blocks

Time Machine Escape with Miranda Murr

You are lost in time! Use your knowledge of Native American history to solve the puzzles, and escape back to the present time.

Explore Volume World with Charles Gargaly

Students will use their hands-on experience to learn about volume. They will explore the math that goes into finding the total amount of block in rectangular prisms!

The scientific method with Iris Pagan

The world is changing all the time. The latest scientific theories are actually just the newest descriptions of the world we live in!

Breaking and Rebuilding Arrays with Tiffanie Brown

Grouping units of numbers is an important skill for future mathematicians. If you are ready to take on the challenge, why not give it a go?

Division Construction with Demetrielle Washington

Learn how number families are the key to understanding both multiplication and division!

The Digital Citizens with Miranda Murr

Through interactive games, students will learn about how to keep their identities safe online, as well as how to communicate with their peers without sharing personal or inappropriate information about themselves.

Seeing Symmetry with Demetriele Washington

It’s now easier to design pixel art with symmetry. To study the lines of symmetry in pixel art, connect your devices and show your creations to a partner.

Roll & Round with Demetrielle Washington

Students will be able to build math skills in Minecraft, and learn how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

Crafting Multiplication and Division Models with Miranda Murr

Build multiplication and division math models and play Bed Wars Minecraft mini-game.

Multiplication madness with Miranda Murr

In this course students will have the opportunity to practice using strategies, rather than just rote memorization, in order to interact with multiplication in a risk free environment. Through Minecraft Educator's Edition, students will be able to visit NPC characters which contain advice about strategies, and links to anchor charts providing students with a visual representation of these strategies.

Cross-Curricular Build Challenge with Theresa Yankovoy

Build independently, with a partner, or a group a unique challenge in worlds of all subject areas: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Art, and Coding! Document and record your building and learning journey with Book and Quill. (The Cameras and Pictures tutorial is recommended before you start building). Finally, …

Learning Standard

We follow Next Generation Learning Standards for Science, ELA and Mathematics

For Language Arts and Mathematics we follow: 

New York State Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards.

For Science we follow:  

Next Generation Science Standards

Traditional Learning vs. Project Based Learning

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We are a K-8 STEM school/ tutoring service, using Project Based Learning based on Next Generation Standards. We connect teachers with their students while providing the most engaging learning environment.We know our students LOVE us (duh! - for them is playing Minecraft), we also know our Teachers LOVE us (so easy to teach), and, finally, our Parents LOVE us - as they see their kids happy AND learning stuff.

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