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Students examine the structure and function of forts by building one themselves.

Course Duration

2 hours

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Learning Objectives

  Students examine the structure and function of forts by building one themselves in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Guiding ideas

  • Why do you think people built forts along the Trail?
  • What can we learn from the design of the forts about the lives of these folks?
  • What purpose would a fort serve in your local town or city today?

Student activities

  Students will research forts along the trail and explore what purposes they served travelers throughout their journey.  Students will then design their own fort and create it with supplies provided.

Performance expectations

  Military post or small town?  After many long days traveling through wilderness, travelers would periodically be rewarded with a little touch of civilization.  Forts offered not only military protection but an opportunity to replenish supplies and rest.  After researching some of the different forts and their many functions, build your own fort in Minecraft: Education Edition.  Once you have created your Fort, create an ad for your fort, encouraging travelers to visit it. To be a complete fort, make sure your build includes:  
  • All external walls need to be at least 10 blocks high
  • Include a secure entry door and no secret passages
  • Include covered sleep and storage areas to keep food safe
  • Include watchtowers to stay protected


  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking

Course Curriculum

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    • Landmarks In Our Community with Melody Brewer: Wednesday, October 20th. 12pm-2pm EST Unlimited

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Melody Brewer
United States


About Instructor

I was born in Wyoming and was very involved in sports. I was participated in choir and band along with theater. After graduation I didn’t want to go to college at the University like my classmates, so I went to Casper College and majored in music. I thought I could be a performance major and after I received my Associates, I flew to Los Angeles and attended Azusa Pacific University. Then reality hit and I saw how many people had amazing voices and a lot of money. I knew that I had to face reality and my mother was an incredible teacher. I kept thinking of the difference she made in not only kids but families lives. I decided to go back to the University of Wyoming (I couldn’t keep scrubbing toilets at 3:00 a.m. so I could go to school) and changed my major to Music Education. Because I changed my major, it did cost me another year, but I did love going to school at U.W. and did quite well. I did my Student Teaching at a Jr. High in Gillette, Wyoming with one of the most dynamic choir teachers I have ever seen. I learned a lot. I began teaching in Arizona as a K-6 General Music teacher and 4th through 8th grade Band Instructor. That was rough. I had to learn a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses but I think it was probably what made me understand different cultures and teaching poverty. I taught for two years in Arizona and then moved back to Wyoming to teach Choir at a Jr. High. I taught choir and coached 3 sports for about 12 years before I decided I needed a change, so I went back to school while teaching and then started teaching computer classes, both Career and Computer Science. I also was the Yearbook advisor and FBLA advisor at my Jr. High school until I retired this past year.

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