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Start coding Python in Minecraft with MakeCode! This is the third course in this series of 10. Join with Mr. Lane and learn the basics of Python, including syntax, data types, variables, conditionals, 'for' and conditional loops, lists, and functions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Decompose (break down) the steps needed to solve a problem into a precise sequence of instructions. 1A-AP-11
  • Model daily processes by creating and following algorithms (sets of step-by-step instructions) to complete tasks. 1A-AP-08
  • Systematically test and refine programs using a range of test cases. 2-AP-17
  • Create programs that use variables to store and modify data. 1B-AP-09


  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking

Coding Concepts: - Variables - World position User Interface. In this lesson the students will: - see displayed world coordinates in the top left-hand corner. - learn to use the half coding window, giving the students the possibility to see the coding window and world position at the same time. - use predefined given world locations, at the top of the coding window.

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Robert Lane


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Since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by technology. I loved to play games on my Atari 2600. In elementary school I worked to get time on the Apple IIe as much as I could. When I was a teen I bought my first computer, a Commodore 64. I gamed on that computer and more. I found that I was really good at figuring out how technology worked. While in college I loved helping my classmates with using a computer to assist in the teaching field. Early in my career I found that I loved teaching others about technology and I started teaching professional development sessions. I haven't stopped learning new technologies and sharing that knowledge with others.

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We are a K-8 STEM school/ tutoring service, using Project Based Learning based on Next Generation Standards. We connect teachers with their students while providing the most engaging learning environment.We know our students LOVE us (duh! - for them is playing Minecraft), we also know our Teachers LOVE us (so easy to teach), and, finally, our Parents LOVE us - as they see their kids happy AND learning stuff.

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