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It’s now easier to design pixel art with symmetry. To study the lines of symmetry in pixel art, connect your devices and show your creations to a partner.

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It’s now easier to design pixel art with symmetry. To study the lines of symmetry in pixel art, connect your devices and show your creations to a partner.  Game/Play Project-Based STEM Online  Minecraft NGSS
Seeing Symmetry Seeing Symmetry with Demetriele Washington Seeing Symmetry minecraft education

Learning Objectives

Common Core Standards:

  • NGS.Math. Content. 4 -4.G.3 Recognize a line of symmetry for a two-dimensional figure as a line across the figure such that the figure can be folded along the line into matching parts. Identify line-symmetric figures and draw lines of symmetry

Guiding Ideas

Introduce the lesson with a discussion on symmetry. Ask students: 1) What is a line of symmetry? 2) Can a shape have more than 1 line of symmetry Big Idea: Symmetry happens when opposite sides can be folded into the same shape

Student Activities

To begin, load the attached Minecraft world file for Symmetry in Pixel Art. Students and teachers will enter the world and look at pixel art with lines of symmetry drawn on them and talk about what they see. Inside the world, students will work with a partner on 3 kinds of challenges:

Challenge 1) Drawn the Lines of Symmetry.

Students will look at a pixel art and draw the all lines of symmetry with red stained glass, take a picture and label it in there portfolio.

Challenge 2) Complete the Pixel Art.

Students will look at a half done pixel art piece and complete it by using the information they get from the lines of symmetry. Then they will take a picture and label it in there portfolio.

Challenge 3) Design Your Own Pixel Art.

Students will design their own pixel art piece and then they will peer review their partner's design by finding the lines of symmetry. After that they will take a picture and label it in there portfolio.

Performance Expectations

1) The student was able to define symmetry. 2) The student was able to identify lines of symmetry in pixel art. 3) The student was able to complete a pixel art creation by using lines of symmetry. 4) The student was able to create half a pixel art piece ending at the line of symmetry. 5) The student was able to finish a partners pixel art piece.


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

External References

Common Core Standard Link Engage NY Link Associated Engage NY module and lesson.

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Demetrielle Washington


About Instructor

I am Demetrielle Washington; a teacher, a mother, a lover, a leader, and an innovator. I enjoy overcoming challenges through creativity to instruct and reach diverse learners. I have taught students of all ages, ranging from toddlers to adults. The most rewarding part of educating is when students apply what I’ve taught them to real-life and relevant situations. I believe that the goal of learning is to utilize the information in a meaningful context that inspires the learner to develop.       I believe that I’ve had an adventurous teaching journey. I have had a passion for teaching since I was a child. I was always eager to play school with anyone who’d listen to me, especially my dolls, stuffed animals, and action figures! After assisting in a daycare as a young teacher, I mentored as a camp counselor for high school students during a science program at my alma mater, McNeese State University. I earned my BA in Elementary Education and am certified to teach in multiple states across the US. I have experience teaching and leading elementary kids, special learners, and adolescents through student-centered learning approaches. I’ve had the honor of being on the forefront of the technological transition by presenting digital showcases to fellow educators and parents. I also provide intimate and engaging instruction through private and small group tutoring.       Upon gaining experience as a teacher, I continued my journey of expanding my knowledge. I earned my MEd in Instructional Leadership with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction from Sam Houston State University. The challenge provided me skills of resourcefulness and determination. Throughout my career and experiences of teaching and learning, I’ve collaborated professionally and informally to provide support and ignite learning within others. My desire to leave a positive impact on the world has encouraged me to pursue my Doctorate degree in Physiology with Integrated Education, Technology, and Psychology. It is my goal to create innovative learning experiences that encourage and inspire students to explore and contribute to the world around them.

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