Homeschooling With Minecraft – Easy ways to make learning fun!

Homeschooling With Minecraft – Easy ways to make learning fun!

Homeschooling With Minecraft – Easy ways to make learning fun!

Here are some of the ways we have incorporated Minecraft into our learning.

Minecraft Signs

I was skeptical, but this changed everything for my son, who has always struggled with reading and spelling. Instead of practicing sight words or completing spelling tests on paper, we type the practice words into signs on Minecraft. It’s a lot more fun and I’m happy to report that he retains the learning so much more with this approach than if we were using a standard approach.

History Projects and Book Reports

I love using Minecraft to teach my son about history! I used to do shoe box dioramas when I was in school, now my son builds scenes from historic events or books he is reading. In our state, students are typically required to complete a state history project related to the Pilgrims. My son created his project entirely in Minecraft – and it was great!

Math Is Given

Area and perimeter, multiplication and complex addition – all are inherent in Minecraft builds. While I could use this to “teach math,” I have chosen to instead smile and keep it to myself. My son easily completes math assignments on his own, so I consider Minecraft to be a real life application of the knowledge he has gained.  I’m not sure if Minecraft is for you, but I know it would be perfect for my son. He’s been struggling with math concepts, and Minecraft is a great place to visualize the equation and solve word problems!

Biome Scavenger Hunts

My son’s favorite game is Minecraft, and I love it because it teaches me about the different biomes that exist on Earth. The Plains, Desert, Forrest, and Savannah biomes are just a small sample of what is automatically built into the game. I was honestly surprised at how much my son had learned from playing Minecraft. It’s really rare that an online activity can provide so much educational value and learning. Minecraft is a real gold mine for our homeschool. 

Do your kids love Minecraft too? Have you used it for learning as well?

I hope  this article, Homeschooling With Minecraft – Easy ways to make learning fun can offer so much in the way of instructional value and learning.

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