Parent Supervision Explained in Fewer than 300 Words


Parent Supervision Explained in Fewer than 300 Words

Parents, are you tired of hearing your kids say they’re bored?

I have good news. You don’t need to buy them a new toy. Basically, all you need to do is supervise them! Continue to read as I explain Parent Supervision in Fewer than 300 Words

What to do about boredom

If you’re frustrated by your kids saying they’re bored, here’s what you should do: Explain that it’s perfectly OK to be bored, it’s just a sign that they’re not getting enough to do! Tell them to come up with a few things to do, and then do them! Encourage them to work together with each other, or with other children, or with you, whatever works best for them! Don’t be afraid to ask other people, such as family or neighbors, to help out with the tasks!

How to: Parent Supervision

Most kids want to explore their environment and will, on occasion, spend hours in their bedrooms. You don’t need to force them to play and engage in an a’ reasonable amount of free time.’ They will get that themselves. If your child does spend a lot of time to themselves on their electronic devices, you need to find a balance between giving them what they want and keeping an eye on them. Instead of wishing boredom away, you can prepare for it and develop some other activities to fill the time. 


It doesn’t matter if you want to teach your kids how to cook, garden, paint, take care of the dog, or build a dollhouse; you can with the right guidance, the right tools, and some inspiration. There are some great safe, educational and engaging options online as well. That will allow you the freedom to supervise from a comfortable distance and the security that your child is doing something kid-safe and fun with other students their age.  For more information check out these courses at EduMEE:

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