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Chemical reactions with Caitlin Eyvaz


Identify examples of common chemical reactions that occur in the real world and use Minecraft mechanics to demonstrate chemical reactions.

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Learning Objectives


  • Students will identify examples of common chemical reactions that occur in the real world and use Minecraft mechanics to demonstrate chemical reactions.


  • Students will understand that chemical reactions do not have to happen in a chemistry laboratory.


  • Students should understand that chemistry happens during natural and human activities.


  • MS-PS1-2. Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.

Guiding ideas


Lesson 1:


Chemical reactions are occurring all the time, and chemistry has been used to manufacture many objects and materials that we are familiar with. What reactions can we demonstrate with Minecraft?


Examples include:


• Fire is produced when carbon reacts with oxygen to make carbon dioxide.


• Smelting. Turning metal ores into metals. e.g. Iron ore is composed on iron oxides and high temperatures are needed to drive off the oxygen and turn the ore into pure iron.


• Chemical reactions happen when food is cooked. For example when potatoes and vegetables are cooked the heat breaks chemical bonds in cell walls and makes the food easier to digest.


• TNT exploding is a chemical reaction which rapidly produces lots of gas.


• When plants grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into cellulose.

Student activities


Students should be provided with a set of materials, that should include a very limited about of TNT, a flint and steel and bone meal. They should have access to a crafting table and a furnace.


Students should be encouraged to play Minecraft in a free and open fashion (in survival mode), whilst thinking about what chemical reactions might be going on during their creative and (possibly) destructive game play.

What chemical reactions can you demonstrate with Minecraft?


What examples of prehistoric people using chemistry can you think off?


What natural examples of chemistry are there?


  • Critical thinking


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