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School Community and Student Life

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Village Check-Ins 

Upper school teachers will be assigned a group of FT students called the “Village.” In the Lower School this will be with your Homeroom Teacher. The purpose of the Village is to allow for a chance to build school community and provide an additional layer of support for students. Weekly sessions will be held to check-in, socialize, and provide general announcements. Village leaders may also cover an assigned student skillset topic each week. 

Online Clubs 

These clubs for grades K-12 are often initiated and brought to life by energetic teachers and students eager to share their passion for an activity or topic with other like-minded learners. All clubs are staff moderated. 

Our clubs offer many of the same features as those in a traditional setting, as well as some added benefits. The only difference is that students connect through our web-based meeting tool, rather than face-to-face. 

Special Events 

EduMEE teachers also plan and lead additional sessions for student enrichment and engagement through special events. Students can share their talents with their peers in a virtual live environment when participating in these successful events. Additionally, students from around the world get a unique opportunity to interact, learn, and gain valuable knowledge from successful guest speakers from a vast array of fields. 

Career Readiness at EduMEE

School-sponsored Publications and Productions 

EduMEE may sponsor student publications and productions as a means by which students can learn, under adult direction, the skills required for such activities as well as the rights and responsibilities of public expression in a free society. 

The school administration reserves the right to exercise editorial control over school-sponsored publications or productions or to prohibit such publications or productions in their entirety if deemed necessary. 

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