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Guide: How to Prepare for Your First Class

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Parents Guide to Setting up Student for Class

When you register at EduMEE, parents will receive an email with an student account information  just like this:

Click on the orange “Sign in to Microsoft 365” button at the bottom of the message and login with your child’s school account ( and password. After you choose Sign in

Download and Install Minecraft Education Edition

Before your class begins, you will need to download and install Minecraft EE to your computer, ipad, or chromebook. Here are the step by step instructions: 

3. A window will pop up asking if you want to install. Select “Install”. Ensure launch when ready is checked

  1. 4. Wait for the application to finish installing
  1. 5. Upon completion the game will launch and ask for sign in credentials. Sign in with your student account to access the game

 6.  A successful sign on will bring you to the M:EE start screen

Sign in and get started with Teams

This video will walk you through the process of signing into Teams

Signing in to Teams Step by Step

  • Start Teams.
    • In Windows, click  Start > Microsoft Teams.
    • On Mac, go to the Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams.
    • On mobile, tap the Teams
    1. 2. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 username and password

Pick a team and channel with the title of the class you are enrolled in

A team is a collection of students, conversations, files, and tools — all in one place.

A channel is a discussion in a team, dedicated to a certain class or student.

  1. Select Teams  on the left side of the app and then pick a team.
    Select a channel and explore the Conversations, Files, and other tabs.


Option 1: Join a Teams meeting from the app

Here is a video that will walk you through the process:

Join from the Calander:

  • From your Calendar, select Join on a meeting before it’s started, or one that’s in-progress.
  • Turn on your camera, select Background filters, and choose how you’d like to appear:
    • Select a custom background.
    • Select Blur.
    • Choose your audio settings.
  • Select Join now.

Option 2: Join a Teams meeting on the web

In your email invite, select Click here to join the meeting.
You can also use a dial-in number and conference ID from the email to call in.

You have three choices:

  • Download the Windows app: Download the Teams desktop app.
  • Continue on this browser: Join a Teams meeting on the web.
  • Open your Teams app: If you already have the Teams app, go right to your meeting.
    • Type your name.
    • Choose your audio and video settings.
    • Select Join now.
    • Depending on meeting settings, you’ll get in right away, or go to a lobby where someone in the meeting will admit you.

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