Theresa Yankovoy: EduMEE Teacher Spotlight


Theresa Yankovoy: EduMEE Teacher Spotlight

We pride ourselves on our exceptional teachers, and Theresa Yankovoy is no exception. Theresa teaches ELA as well as cross-curricular lessons on EduMEE using Minecraft Education Edition. Find out more about why she makes EduMEE the best online education platform for your students in her own words.

Who is Theresa Yankovoy?

We asked Teacher Theresa to share a little about herself with EduMEE users. Here is what she had to say:

Firstly, “As a lover of knowledge of wisdom, I have been fortunate to be a reading specialist in a World History classroom.”

Secondly, She went on to share more about her teaching background.

Theresa is certified in Middle School English, which includes grades 5-9. Additionally she is cerified to teach  Exceptional  Student Education, Pk-3, and she has endorsement for ESOL and  Reading.

Moreover, she enjoys teaching on a virtual platform to elementary school students internationally.

Finally, Theresa added that she was in the process of completing her Master of Advanced Education.”

Let’s continue by looking at some of the courses she has prepared. 

More About Teacher Theresa's Courses

Teacher Theresa has three main courses on EduMEE.

Firstly, Theresa has created The Cross-Curricular build. This course  will take students through a series of 7 lessons where they will build independently, with a partner, or a group a unique challenge. They will work in the worlds of all subject areas such as,  Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Art, and Coding!

Secondly, she has developed The Ancient Civilizations Vocabulary Builder course. This is a 5 part series of lessons that ask what achievements and contributions from the ancient world shape our world’s culture today? Additionally, students will answer, what makes a civilization? Above all, students work and play together in different Minecraft worlds to answer these questions and  more!

Thirdly, Teacher Theresa has created the Ancient Civilizations Problem Solver. Once students have learned more about Ancient Civilizations through the Vocabulary Builder, they can  work with other students to gather skills and  materials to solve a real or potential future real-world problem connected to the use of energy (red stone), water, food, and overcoming obstacles.

Teacher Theresa has three main courses on EduMEE. Theresa Yankovoy: EduMEE Teacher Spotlight

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